NOV 14, 2020   10AM-2PM PST
Live-streamed over DreamSpire TV on all major social media platforms.
Online voting, interviews, and giveaways | Winners announced live. 
Goal:  Over $25,000 in cash and in-kind donations.
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Konnectory is your #1 resource for all things pitch-related:


Pitch training (live and video), pitch decks, 1:1 and

group meetings, and our very own Perfect Pitch L.A!

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Targeted Meetings & Events
Konnectory specializes in 1:1 or small group meetings and events, strategically designed to attract your ideal audience.  Whether you're pitching your ideas, hiring employees, or launching a new product, our connectors will help qualify your prospects, so you can make the best use of your time and resources.
Virtual Appointment Setting
Virtual appointment setters are here to save the day!  Free yourself from time-consuming emails, missed calls and rescheduling.  Give us your leads and we'll turn them into appointments that will lead to sales, instead of more appointments. 


Perfect Pitch Competition

Our celebrated competition for startups.  Held in Los Angeles, this contest brings together a diverse mix of entrepreneurs and industries, such as health, technology, film, education, publishing and much more.  Introduce your hot new product or idea.  Get valuable feedback from business influencers, network with potential investors and compete for a chance to win a cash prize.

Pitch Training

Be the best that you can be.  Maximize your chance for success by attending our live pitch training workshop.  You'll be trained by a professional sales expert and videotaped before and after your personal coaching session.  Gain the confidence you need to pull off a presentation that will wow your audience.  Online coaching is also available.
Pitch Decks
Connect to the heart of your audience.  Storytelling is highly effective in eliciting emotional responses that draw investors in, regardless of what you're selling.  Our writers can help you create a winning narrative for your pitch deck to keep your audience engaged, and your presentation on point.  
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"Perfect Pitch provided me with instant access to opportunities      and options to funding. Every presenter left with something,        whether it was constructive critiques from the panel or options to  funding. You couldn't  possibly ask for more out of an event.”  

Damian Evans, Reel Change Productions,  Perfect Pitch Grand Prize   Winner, July 29, 2O17


     Perfect Pitch Winners Justice Miranda (center), Eric Tillman (left) and Eli Shumway (right_


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